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YUYO featuring our sustainable rPET filament

YUYO Natural Surfboard made with the sustainable filament Ultrafuse® rPET


YUYO is a young and very innovative company that produces surfboards. The business was founded in October 2018, with the idea in mind that more than 90% of surfers are highly concerned about ocean health, but most of them are still surfing on boards that are pollutive, non-recyclable and particularly toxic to ocean life. After two years of research and development, YUYO found a way to resolve this paradox. Romain Paul from YUYO: “We have developed a new kind of eco-designed surfboards, exclusively made of natural and recycled materials.” Their surfboards have a 3D-printed internal structure made of the advanced Ultrafuse rPET filament, an environmentally friendly PET made of recycled medical appliances, and are manufactured on a large-format industrial 3D printer. The rPET core is covered with a layer of biocomposite, which results in an eco-friendly surfboard – the YUYO Natural Surfboard.

Benefits at a Glance

  • A sustainable alternative to PET
  • Easy to print
  • Consistently outstanding end result

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